Looking for verification that we mounted a data disk correctly

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We are using a Bitnami Solr server image with Azure. We used these instructions to set-up and mount a data disk to the server: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/linux/attach-disk-portal

Everything seems to have worked fine but we are wondering if it is normal that after restarting the server the name of the directory seems to have automatically switched from “datadrive” to “bitnami”:

It started out showing: sdc1 8:33 0 1024G 0 part /datadrive

After restart is is not showing: sdc1 8:33 0 1024G 0 part /bitnami

If this is not normal and/or can be changed, how would we go about changing it back or to a name more specific for our company?

We found the below commands and are wondering if any of them are usable:

sudo service bitnami stop

sudo umount /bitnami

sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /datadrive


Hello @vstockton,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to analyze your configuration and logs. Could you please execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

Please note that you need to paste the code ID that is shown at the end.

Thanks for the information. We will work on this.


I ran the Bitnami support tool. Here is the code:


There was a message that listed a solr.log file was too large to include. I hope that will be o.k.


Hello @vstockton,

Thanks a lot for sharing your solution. It seems that our logic is trying to use this disc for persistence. I will share it with the team so they can help you to solve the issue.


Thank you for the information!


I think this has to do with our automatic initialization scripts. In this sense, the Solr logic expects the persistence to be mounted in /bitnami. Do you have any strong reason for using /datadrive instead of /bitnami?

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Thank you for looking into this for us and for the information about the naming. We are o.k. if it says /bitmani given your explanation.

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