Looking for easy way to increase storage size for jenkins

Keywords: Jenkins - Google Cloud Platform - How to - Upgrade
I have set 30G storage size when I first create jenkins setup in bitnami.

Now I have to remove docker image every month or sometimes more often.

Anybody have experienced similar issue and upgraded storage successfully in GCP?

Hi @colus001,

We highly recommend you to perform a server backup before resizing the disk so you can get it back in case you find any issue. You can find more information about how to it in the link below


Please find below the steps required to resize your Google Cloud Platform instance disk:

  • Use the guide below to get access to the Google manage console for your server.

  • Stop the server from the manage console using the buttons at the top of the VM details view.

  • From the VM details view, annotate the disk name of your instance under the “Boot disk” section

  • Navigate to the “Disk” entry in the left side menu of the Google Console, apply a filter with the disk name you got from the step above and click on it.

  • Click “Edit” in the detailed view of your disk and set the new required disk size. Then click the “Save” button at the end of that page.

  • Once done, start again the server instance. If you SSH connect to the instance and run the command below, you should see the updated size
sudo df -h

Let us know if you have any question.


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