Links in emails

Hi everyone,

When anyone receives an email from eXo containing a link to the page, it’s always referring to localhost instead of the correct URL.

I saw in the eXo support section that this can be changed by configuring in eXo Platform configuration. Only problem is that I’m not sure where this is. I think it’s different when installing from Bitnami.

Does anyone have any idea where to update this? I’m running eXo on Ubuntu, if that helps.

Hi! Read this guide:

I think it will solve all of your doubts.

Hi @djburrington,

Could you solve the issue following with the tip?
Thanks @mrBootCamp for sharing it.


Yep, I think that did it. Thanks!

Hi @djburrington,

Thanks for letting us know. I’m glad you could fix your issue. Please do not hesitate to write us back with any other question you may have.

Best regards,