Lightsail wordpress , cannot connect mysql

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bndiagnostic output:

The diagnostic tool couldn't find any issues.

bndiagnostic failure reason: The tool could not find any issue

I need to link to my WordPress mysql, I follow this tutorial:

But when it comes to the “input password” step, I cannot enter any letters or numbers.

In addition, when I purchase a shared host on bluehost, when I connect to the mysql of that website, I need to add the local IP to the whitelist.
Do I need to do something similar for lightsail?

Now I still can’t link my mysql, I need your help, thank you


Hi @hwp994108018,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I’m afraid I don’t fully understand your issue. Where are you having errors typing the password? Can you share a screenshot with us?

The MariaDB server seems to be running properly on your server, did you configure workbench with your server IP address?


I have solved that problem, and now, a new problem.

I want to import data from my computer to the bitnami database, but only 20,000 data have been imported in 12 hours.
This is too slow, how can I import 100,000 data in 10 minutes?

What I have done:

Add the following code to the [mysqld] section of my.cnf:



Then, restart:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart mariadb

thank you for your time,



I can only import one post to the database every 2 seconds, the following is a screenshot:

Even using the wp all import plugin, I imported 90,000 posts in 6 hours,

So how can I optimize the database to increase the import speed?

thank you for your time,


Hi @hwp994108018,

Thanks for your message. According to the new information you provided, I think your question is more related to the WordPress and MySQL applications themselves than to the Bitnami installation. Can you open a new thread in the official WordPress forums where someone with more knowledge about the applications and plugins you are using may give you any hint?

Maybe trying to import the information on batches will be faster than trying to load the whole information in a single step, but I’m afraid I’m just guessing on this.

Apart from that, you may be facing performance issues due to the usage of burstable instances in AWS Lightsail. You can check the official information about this type of instances in the link below

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