Liferay application not loading

I keep getting a “your application is not available” page.

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Could you please give us more information so that we can help you? It would be useful to know the platform you are using, when are you getting this error, etc.

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I get the same trouble with a Liferay on Ubuntu server clouded by amazon free tier service, here follows:

Your application is not available

Your application may not be available for many reasons:

If you just launched the server, please wait a few minutes for the application to deploy. It is common behavior for Java applications.
Your application may not be working properly. Please check the application log file.

This page will automatically refresh every 15 seconds until the application is available.

any suggestions? where can I read the application log?
ram and CPU are barely full used, but I should not be out of liferay’s requirements!

Could be possible that you launched a “micro” instance? Liferay is a Java application that requires at least 1Gb RAM in the machine to be started so you have to launch it a small instance. Could you try to launch a new “small” instance?

you are right, I just read wrong somwhere that minimum memory was 512 and not 1Gb, probably I was reading about an older release, so sorry for the wrong information I wrote. I think I cannot run a “small” instance, it seems to be out of amazon free tier offer (which includes, if I’m rigth, only one micro instance for one year). so do I have to change cloud management to run a free liferay instance for some months or is there another way to test it through bitnami services?


Correct, it is not possible with the free tier. We allow to launch 1-hour instance for testing for free but I think you want to have it running more time.

yes, so I probably will have to try somwehing different. right now I just need a common liferay repository to deploy a startup project that will be extended for commercial use in the future, so I’m looking for a temporarily a free platform for develompent and test

anyway, thank you so much!

I have a similar problem when i upgraded the redmine bitnami from redmine-2.6.1-1 to redmine-3.3.0. works well with the old version though. any suggestion? Do I need to remain the old version>

Hello @umaisagu

In order to avoid confusion. Could you please open a new Ticket describing your issue and set Redmine as the topic? This ticket was opened to deal with an issue related with Liferay and we would rather not mix topics.

We recommend you to attach some screenshots of your problem and describe the steps you follow till you found your issue.

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