Let's Encrypt and CloudFront?

Keywords: General - AWS - How to - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)

For privacy reasons, I am not mentioning my site. I have installed Let’s Enscript using SSL using sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool but I am using a variation of the domain with cloudfront.domain.com which points to the cloudfront distribution for CDN. However, I don’t see any way to import Let’s Encrypt installed in my linux lightsail instance via bittnami to cloudfront. So, I can’t use CDN?

Hi @Camie,

We do not have any guide to configure the SSL certificate using cloudfront, you will need to review the official documentation or ask in the Let’s Encrypt forum to get more info. You will need to follow similar steps than the ones explained here


However, when running the “lego” command to generate the SSL certs, you will need to run a custom command to use the cloudfront information or any other Let’s Encrypt client that allows you generate Let’s Encrypt certificates.

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