Les informations d'identification d'administrateur par défaut ne fonctionnent pas

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J’ai essayé plusieurs fois de me connecter avec les informations d’identification utilisateur par défaut :
user et le password on le récupére par la ligne de commande : cat ./bitnami_credentials

Y a-t-il quelque chose qui me manque ici?


Good morning, sir,

I have tried several times to log in with the default user credentials:
user and the password is retrieved from the command line: cat ./bitnami_credentials

Am I missing something here?

Yours sincerely,

Hi @laprie.maeva,

What error are you getting when trying to log in to the application? The credentials you can find inside the bitnami_credentials file are the ones you need to access it.


Hi jota

I did follow procedure.
With the credential command, I got the generated password.
When I try to connect with the user “user” and the generated password, it tells me :
“Incorrect username or password or the account is blocked due to numerous failed login attempts. If so, the account will be unblocked shortly.”

Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,

Hi @laprie.maeva,

I just tried to reproduce the issue but the application worked fine for me. I accessed the main site and used “user” and the password in the VM to access the application

Please remember the password can be found in the bitnami_credentials file inside the VM

Can you try accessing the app again? I didn’t see any error in your logs. Please ensure you use the correct user and password when accessing the app.



The generated password is not the same, here is mine:

I tried to log in with the password from your screenshot but I can’t either.

The password is 0h3AF5CnHax4 ?

Hi @laprie.maeva,

The passwords are randomly generated so the password I received is different than the one you need to use.

If you don’t have data in that VM, can you try to completely remove it and deploy it again?


Okay, thanks.
I’ll try. I’ll let you know

Yours sincerely,

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