Latest Version for Windows is not available

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Is the latest version for windows is not live yet. I can see only mac?

Any update on this please replay?

Hi @amolmaske03,

Thanks for using Bitnami. We are in the process of removing the majority of native installers for our applications, but we continue offering the virtual machines that you can run on your Windows server.

You can get the virtual machine from the next page

You can also get more information on our focus on cloud-native applications in the blog post below. We will also continue offering Windows installers for the most downloaded applications. Unfortunately, ResourceSpace isn’t one of the most popular Windows applications, and therefore we removed its Windows installer, but we continue offering the virtual machine.

Thanks @gongomgra,

Do I get older version like 8 or so for windows?

Hi @amolmaske03,

Yes, we can share with you the latest installer for ResourceSpace 8.x we published, version 8.6.12840-1. Find below the download link

Please take into account this is an old installer shipping old versions of base components that may be affected with security issues. You can get more information on the components upgrade and the issues solved on each release in our changelog at

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