Last Tomcat release with MySQL

I found the latest bitnami Tomcat Virtual machine is running MariaDB which not mention in change log. Is there any where I can download the tomcat virtual machine that still running on MySQL? i interested on tomcat 8.5 & 9 with tomcat. TQ

Hi @jwkoh78,

You can download both version from the website:


both tomcat 8.5 & 9 .vmdk also running MariaDB and not MySQL

Hi @jwkoh78,

Sorry, you can download the versions with MySQL using the following links:




it seem the tomcat version stack is not sync with the change log.
I trying to create a instance for tomcat 9 with MySQL at AWS/EC2 but all the version including the oldest available version at AWS marketplace bitnami tomcat 9.0.33-0 also running in MariaDB.
May I know how or where to create/launch bitnami tomcat9 with MySQL?

Hi @jwkoh78,

The VMs and cloud images are using a different technology now and the changelog only applies for the installers. If you want to launch a cloud instance with Tomcat 9 and MySQL, please launch the Tomcat 9.0.30-0 version from the AWS Community images list

If you want to use a newer version, you can uninstall the services inside /opt/bitnami and install the latest version of the installer

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop
sudo rm -rf /opt/bitnami
cd /tmp
wget ""
chmod +x ./
sudo ./ --prefix /opt/bitnami

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