LappStack 8.0.3 installation on Ubuntu 20.10

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Hello, under the latest Lappstack 8.0.3. Installation there is no Apps folder. Where I can install my own programs. Unfortunately phppgadmin is not installed either. I cannot login to the database. phppgadmin is not installed. Is it wanted like that? Can you help me?

This is my bnsupport ticket

Hello, unfortunately I have not yet received an answer. I hope you can understand my problem. Unfortunately, my English is not that good.

I would like to briefly summarize again:

  1. No apps directory
  2. no phpgadmin installed
    That’s the problem.
    What should I do?

Hello @programmierung,

Unfortunately, phpPgAdmin doesn’t have support for PHP 8+ and thus it isn’t available in LAPP 8+. You can access your database throughout the console as explained in this guide.

Regarding the apps directory, it is normal to not have it. You can have your programs in a folder you create inside the lapp folder. You can check an example on how to create a project directory in our Get Started With CodeIgniter guide.

Francisco de Paz

Hello Francisco,
Thank you for your answer.

I will think about how I can do it myself, so that I can create the usual Bitnami structure myself.
It is not good that phpgadmin for PHP8 is not yet available.
Will look at the hints of you (links) and hope that I can find a solution.

Thank you for your help.
Stay healthy and see you soon.

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