Keeping application environment up to date as new images (AMI’s) are released

Keywords: Magento - AWS - How to - Upgrade

There are constantly new Bitnami Magento Stacks released for AWS. These include updated components such as apache security updates, php version upgrades and much much more.

Although we can update the magento version quite easily, it still leaves the rest of the bitnami stack to become stale and vulnerable to exploits.

Is there a recommended workflow to easily separate the magento website from the AMI so that new versions can be updated to without much pain?

Hi @julystripe,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, updating individual Bitnami components on your server is not possible, apart from the application itself. You will need to launch a fresh new server and migrate the Magento data to the new instance.

thank you, is there a best practice method of doing this on a monthly basis?

Hi @julystripe,

Thanks for your message. It depends on your specific use case and needs. One month can be too long or too short depending on your requirements. I’m afraid I can’t provide you with an estimation on this, sorry.

For example, you can start updating the machine every month, or every three months for example if it works for you, and then updating it earlier in case any security update is released.