JSP hook does not work

Hi Bitnami community,

I have an issue that my jsp overrider hook is not working (deployed properly but does not update jsps files), it should override core jsp files, path is the same, I checked. Locally everything work fine for Liferay instance without Bitnami. Thank you for help in advance.


We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to debug the issue. Could you please download and execute it in the machine where the stack is running?

These are the links to download the tool.

md5: 7950e40c3a85eaeb8e09c3270f9d2736
md5: 1e6525abb305016197b461e969062b7e
md5: a3b34dac83df24f71ee097b2e0bbfb37

If you are using a console, just type the following to download the tool:

wget -O bnsupport_tool LINK_OF_THE_TOOL && \
chmod +x bnsupport_tool && \

Note: Remember to change the placeholder LINK_OF_THE_TOOL for the link related to your operative system.

The output of the execution of this tool will be a zip file with all the information inside. Could you please send it to silvio@bitnami.com ?

If you are working with a remote instance and you do not know how can you download the zip file from your instance, you can follow this guide to download it.

Best regards,
Silvio Fernández