JPEG2000 (jp2) uploads not generating previews

Using the latest bitnami ResourceSpace image (8.1-1), I can not get previews generating for uploaded .jp2 (JPEG 2000) images. FFMPEG is installed and the installation check page has OK down the line for everything.

Comparing the system log with that of a ResourceSpace hosted trial account that does work, they both seem to be doing the same things, but the bitnami image just won’t create previews for these files.

Any ideas?

Hi @lluess
I was able to reproduce your problem and it may have to do with the compiled version of ImageMagick component that we ship within Bitnami ResourceSpace.

The team is going to try out a fix for Bitnami ResourceSpace to successfully load previews of jp2 image files and will release a new revision of the Bitnami ResourceSpace image and installers.

We will ping you right here once it is fixed so you can try the patched version.


Awesome… Thank yo for the reply.

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