Joomla PHP 7.4 Update

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Is there an ETA on when Bitnami will update Joomla to php 7.4?

Hello @tim.feldman,

We plan to update it soon. Are you interesting in the installer, VM, or any specific cloud image?


We have many Joomla sites running on AWS Lightsail and we need to upgrade to PHP 7.4 soon as we cannot update several of our extensions unless we are on 7.4.

Hello @tim.feldman,

It could take more time since, apart from updating our solutions, the LigthSail team takes more time to import our latest images. You can follow this workaround:

  • Install the latest installer (that ships PHP 7.4) on your LightSail instance.

I hope it helps

Yes, thanks. We already looked into that but were hoping we could just migrate directly to new instances (that are already updated) as we have Python code for that migration and would save us time testing and troubleshooting as we have 300 sites.

I see @tim.feldman,

We are currently working on updating it in all our solutions, and it should ready soon. However, I cannot provide you with an ETA for the publishing on LightSail.


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Any update on this? I need to start a new project and would REALLY like to have an updated version of PHP to start.

Hello @zorigo,

It is not on our side, but the Lightsail team’s site. Note that we have already published Joomla with PHP 7.4.

I mentioned an alternative here:

To get the latest version of all of our applications for AWS, we suggest that you use our Bitnami Launchpad for AWS . We publish the most up-to-date packages on our launchpad as soon as they are ready.