Issue with existing users trying to purchase additional products through my WooCommerce store

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I have an issue with existing users trying to purchase additional products through my WooCommerce store.

If the exiting user goes to add an item to the cart AND logs in via the WooCommerce cart existing user login link, then the items never get added to the cart and there are just two spinning circles.

If it is a new user and they sign up with the WooCommerce sign up process it works fine.

If it is an existing user and they log in with the native WordPress login page before they try to purchase additional products, then the items get added to the cart fine as well.

Seems like there is some issue with the WooCommerce login/cookies similar to what is discussed here:

However, I am in WP Multisite installation so apparently the fix discussed above is not appropriate.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this error in a Multisite environment?

Hello @igolfapps,

From what you are telling us, this looks like an error from WooCommerce itself. I recommend you to post your question in WP’s WooCommerce official forums so they can help you, as they will be able to give a more informative answer on this.

Francisco de Paz

Hi, yes I have posted there but getting nothing back. I’ve already been contacted by one user it impacted and I’m sure I am loosing sales because of it.

Just wasn’t sure if this was something that had been discussed before.


Hi @igolfapps,

AFAIK, this is not something that has appeared previously but let’s leave this thread open so other users having the same problem can share their insights here.

Francisco de Paz

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