IP discrepancy during let's encrypt creation

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I hope you are well! Many thanks for your help.

I imported my WordPress from SiteGround to AWS Lightsail using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.
My SiteGround WP was using HSTS activated through .htacess which might be the reason for my current issues.
The WP is running on two URLs www.dearreal.com for English and www.dearreal.fr for French.

While setting up let’s encrypt from my ssh client, I get an error message :
“Warning: The domain ‘domain-deleted-to-post-message’ resolves to a different IP address than the one detected for this machine, which is ‘’. Please fix its DNS
entries or remove it.”

When looking up my IP from the same terminal screen using “host ‘domain-deleted-to-post-message’”, I get the correct IP

I believe my issue is because .htaccess on my imported version was enforcing HSTS. Not sure how this translated in Bitnami because there is no .htaccess. This situation is flipping out. Let’s encrypt.
I obviously could be completely wrong!

Many thanks;

Okay, I now understand what is going on.
I had been following an official AWS video on YouTube from 2021 for Let’s encrypt SSL, which is outdated.
Follow the official written documentation on the Lightsail website, and you will be fine.

Great!!! Could you please post that guide here so others can also follow it? I also want to let you know that we have this guide where we explain how to configure the Let’s Encrypt certificates in our instances


Happy to help!

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