Invoice and ship emails not working

Thanks for the tips on upgrade. I have successfully upgraded to Magento After upgrade, the invoice and ship emails are not working from the admin console. Clicking on ‘Submit Invoice’ (with ‘Email copy of invoice’ checked) takes to a blank 500 page.

After debugging, it seems that
method is causing the issue. The method is not returning. The method is present in code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Order/Invoice.php.
Any clue on what could be the issue ?

Being a developer for, this feature has got an important place on my website and I hope to fix the issue soon.

Hi @ayesha,

If you’re getting a blank 500 page, you should find a new entry in your Apache error log. You could also check your Magento email log, which you should be able to find here:


The screenshot was taken from the guide on configuring E-mail for Magento:

Note that Magento 2 is also available, although we understand it might not be easy to do the migration. Which was your current stack version before upgrading, and which steps did you follow to upgrade to


Thanks for sharing information