Internal Server Error – Grimlock for Buddypress

Hi @mauro.kenzo,

You are using a really small instance and that’s why you are getting that error. Please increase the memory of the machine and create a new ticket in the forum if you continue running into issues

Could this issue be a matter of space?

Hi @konmigoapp,

This is not a space-related issue, it has to do with the RAM memory of the machine.

Hi Jota,

The t2.micro instances have 1GB of RAM.
I found on the OS that there is a swap file of 634.8M. It is less than the amount of available RAM.
If I increased this swap file, could it improve my case?
How do I increase?

Thank you very much, Mauro

Hi @mauro.kenzo,

The SWAP file allows you have more memory but that memory is not as good as the available RAM memory. You will run into performance issues as well. I suggest you increase the machine’s memory instead of adding more SWAP


All documentation I read about swap size in linux, for my case, with 1 GB of RAM, it is indicated at least twice as much swap, but in this instance Bitnami, it comes with only 634MB. What is the value indicated in this case? I noticed on nmon that the 634MB swap runs out frequently. Couldn’t it be one of the causes of the error?
I would like to try to allocate 2GB for swap to test, how do I do it?

nmon─16i─────────────────────Hostname=ip-172-31-28-Refresh= 2secs ───17:14.35───────────────────────────────────────────────────┐
│ Memory and Swap ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────│
│ PageSize:4KB RAM-Memory Swap-Space High-Memory Low-Memory │
│ Total (MB) 987.5 634.8 - not in use - not in use │
│ Free (MB) 162.9 12.9 │
│ Free Percent 16.5% 2.0% │
│ Linux Kernel Internal Memory (MB)


Hi @mauro.kenzo,

That’s a clear performance error. Your instance is using the SWAP memory because it’s running out of RAM memory. Please increase the RAM memory of the instance, if you don’t do that, you won’t improve the performance for sure.

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I was questioning the topic “internal server error grimlock for buddypress” but they removed my access or deleted the topic.

What I questioned was how to increase swap memory in bitnami.

I have a t2micro bitnami-wordpress-5.6-0-linux-debian-10-x86_64-hvm-ebs-7d426cb7-9522-4dd7-a56b-55dd8cc1c8d0-ami-05bb13389b5d8cb2e.4 instance on the AWS.

This instance has 1GB RAM and 634MB of swap.

In all linux documentation that I saw indicate for machines with 1GB of RAM, at least 2GB of swap.

I would like to try to increase the swap size of my instance. How best to do it.


Mauro Kenzo

Hi @mauro.kenzo,

We do not have a specific guide to increase the swap memory of the instance but you will can easily find guides online that will help you do so. For example this one