Installing Ruby stack on Manjaro

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I am running Manjaro 17.1.9. I was trying to install Ruby stack using the local installer and i get the glibcxx 3.4.5 detected need glibcxx greater than 3.4.18 error. Is there a way to fix this issue?


The way to fix that issue would be to install a newer version of glibcxx. Manjaro is a rolling update distro so there should be a way to have a newer version of glibcxx. Is your system up-to-date?

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i just installed the version 17.1.9 from their website and i assume that is the most current version. I’ve installed using the bypass flag on the installer. The installation finished but Mysql is not working correctly…

Hi @thomasdkim,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to debug the issue. Could you please download and execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

How to Run the Bitnami Support Tool

Please note that you need to paste the code outputted by the tool in your reply.

Apart from that information, can you share with us the log of the installation? If you didn’t reboot your server, you’d find a file called bitrock_installer*.log in the /tmp folder of your system. Please share the last one of this list

ls -alrt /tmp/bitrock_installer*.log


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