Installers never start

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Some registry entry is preventing from starting all versioned bitnami installers from starting, the logo does not appear neither does it lead me to the setup guide to install. It tries to execute it, but after a while nothing happens. Fix it. Help.

Hi @dafrayal ,

Do you have any antivirus system in your computer? Can you allow the execution of the software or temporarily disable it? More information here:

No do not have any antivirus its something with the installer, even if i restore registry to default as fresh install and group policies, installer still does not start.

I realized it is a pedophile from wherever, in microsoft services in all synchronizations for everyone it is the same.
Anytime you join accounts it will disable silly bitnami installers and use tons of hacking with virtualization and “anti-malware” from microsoft.

Is it personal or work, doesn’t matter. Personal don’t hold databases, but will synchronize same pedophile msconfig/bios viruses etc. Its global. My suggestion is do not use microsoft accounts out of web browser inside computer integrity

May sound screwed up, but no one uses computers nowadays, those are mostly reasons why.
don’t forget to visit in a year or so
Ancient lack visuals, but even linux in unsavable by BIOS virtualizations.

You’d have to reinstall whole windows. Even then it will have some hardware memory hacked by the same things I mentioned.
Many pirates copy images and try re-engineer or crack still etc, but mostly its in the microsoft itself already.
No problem for info.

Use firewall, do schedule scan, do not use microsoft accounts as they are also hacker domains listed in wikipedia. ms, to, me, no, gg, io, etc…

If you run server for clients, isolate, sandbox the FTPs, brute force deny physically too.

Without regard, bots of babylon.

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Teen intel hardware machinery pedophilism giant. use code haha