Installation with the new A approach for Wordpress

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I am trying to install this setup with the example provided in this link. However it is setting things up the B approach vs the A. Hosted two websites on same bitnami server

Can you tell me what are the proper steps in order to set things up with the A approach with the provided link.

Thanks in advance. I’ve been searching for weeks and have not found the A set up.


Hello @jim3,

These steps are not valid for Approach A. Installers and module follow approach B, but singleVMs follow approach A. We recommend using.

The easiest way to achieve what you want is by using the Bitnami’s installers. You can install the Bitnami WordPress stack first to have all the requirements in place (Apache, MySQL, PHP and a first installation of WordPress) and then, use the Bitnami WordPress module (that only installs the WordPress application on top of an existing Bitnami stack) as the link explains.

Alternatively, you could use WordPress Multisite.

I hope it helps

Hey David. I am using AWS lightsail. Is there any way to duplicate their setup to install multiple sites on their single stack with their current structure?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jim3,

We don’t support it. Alternatively, you could install Wordpress manually following this documentation:


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