Install a 3rd Party Script/SaaS tool on Bitnami WordPress Multisite

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I want to invest in the following script:

Their documentation says:

New Installation
1–> Download the latest version from the “downloads” page in your codecanyon account.
2–> Unzip the script zip file package on your pc.
3–> Login to your hosting provider panel and navigate to the domain folder in which you want to install the script.
4–> On your pc - Navigate to script files and search the folder name “4—Files for new fresh installation”
5–> Upload the zip file to your root domain folder or sub_domain folder, where you want to install the script.
6–> Extract the zip file in the domain folder where you want to install the script.
7–> Setup A new MySQL database and user, add a user to database (grant all the privileges).
8–> Launch the installer at and follow on-screen instructions.
9–> Make sure you are running your domain using HTTPS , script must run using SSL (HTTPS).
10–> Make sure all server requirements are in green color and that no permission folder alert issue is displayed. If anything on a red color, contact your hosting to fix the missing server configuration.
11–> If all good with server requirements, continue with the installation.
12–> Insert your email,codecanyon license, database details.
13–> Press install button and wait until installation will be completed .
14–> The Script updated to the latest version successfully.
15–> Press on the ADMIN PANEL button, you will redirect to the admin login page, use these details to log in: default user/pass: admin / admin2018$.
16–> You are welcome to press on the version number on the left menu and check version logs.

Would this be possible to launch and run on this type of installation?

I suppose the step I’m looking for assistance with is:

5–> Upload the zip file to your root domain folder or sub_domain folder, where you want to install the script.

Where would be the best place to upload this script (if at all)?

And, can this be done with phpMyAdmin or do I need to access the server a different way?


Hello @gednav,

This is our documentation to install a WP plugin, that should work for most of them

Usually, the place to download WP plugin is wp-content/plugins folder.

We also have documentation to create DB an user:

Please note that Bitnami packages and configures already existing applications. However, we can only offer support and help on basic and most frequent application configurations. Always based on the default configuration or on our guides.

Since the question is related to a third party tool, probably someone with more experience and knowledge about that specific tool can help you better than we can. We suggest you posting your question on the official support forums of the application so others can help you.

Do not hesitate to write us back if you have any other questions regarding the Bitnami solutions or their configuration.


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