Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WP

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Hello, I made a website in wordpress locally and am trying to upload it to another local wordpress installation using all-in-one wp migration both local wp running on windows but there’s a size limit.

Total noob here, but how can I got about it?
I checked
however after getting to the windows command line I tried typing
cd /opt/bitnami/php/etc/ to get to the folder where the file I’m supposed to edit is, but that path doesn’t even exist
Is there a way to find this file and also edit it like with the help of a code editor or something?
excuse me if that’s a dumb question, very little exp with command line and such

Hi @cesarrosendo61_bitna,

I understand you used the native installers for Windows to deploy those WordPress apps. In that case, you can find the php.ini file is inside the installdir/php folder. Once you edit it, please restart the services.

Happy to help!

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Worked like a charm, found the file in the directory you mentioned and with the help of a code editor found the things I needed to change and it all works.

Thanks a lot!

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