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When I’m attempting to login to my Wordpress site through AWS Lightsail it keeps saying the password used was incorrect even though I’m using my password directly from the Lightsail CLI. I can’t contact AWS at all and am confused on how I can log back in.

Hi @carteringersoll01,

Are you getting the username and password following these steps?

If you are using a low performance instance (512MB), you might be running into performance issues during the initialization and that would be the reason why you can access the app now. Are you using that instance type?


@jota Yes I always attempt to login using that method and it still doesn’t work. Yes I am using that specific instance type that is most likely where the problem is. What would be the process to solving the performance issue? Thanks so much again for the help.

I think you don’t have any information in that instance, right? So I suggest you remove the instance and launch a new one selecting the 1GB instance type.

How do I launch a new instance but save all my data from the previous instance? @jota

Hi @carteringersoll01,

There is something I don’t understand, I thought you deployed the WordPress solution in Lightsail and couldn’t log in to the application using the password we provide. If that’s true, you shouldn’t have any data as you couldn’t log in, no? In that case, you can simply delete that instance and create a new one.

If you have data, it’s because you could log in to the application previously and you can’t now, can you confirm this? If you have lost access to the app recently, you can reset the password by following this guide

@jota Yes I have data and now can’t login again. I followed the instructions on how to reset the password but when I went to open the CLI no text appeared which hasn’t happened before. Could Lightsail just be having network issues or is this a bigger problem?

Hi @carteringersoll01,

Could you please elaborate? A screenshot will be useful to investigate what’s happening.

I don’t know if your disk is full and that’s why you can’t connect to the instance. You can try to restart the instance to see if the problem is resolved

@jota I attached the screenshot of my CLI and how nothing is showing up. Also by restarting my instance you mean to hit the reboot button correct?

Yes, it seems you are running into performance issues (probably disk space problems) so let’s see if a reboot removes that temporary data and allows you access the instance. If you continue running into issues after the reboot, please contact the Lightsail support team as they can provide more information about the instance status

@jota I rebooted the instance and then tried to reset the password the way the it told me to using the link you sent. I wasn’t able to get it to work and I’m sending a screenshot of my CLI to see if you can tell if I was doing anything wrong. Thanks!

First of all, you shouldn’t be posting a screenshot with a password in plain text. That can lead to a security problem.

It seems that the password you entered when running the MySQL command is wrong, are you sure that’s the MySQL’s root’s password? You can get the original password to access the database from this guide

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