Images not loading after SSL implementation - HELP!

Keywords: WordPress - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)

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I followed the tutorial on to update our site to use https instead of http and no none of the images/videos are loading. I was able to get one of them to load by editing the page and reselecting the video.

My assumption is this is due to the site URL and wordpress url bing locked at http : // www. domain. com instead of https :// www. domain. com. However, I’m unable to change this in the setting since the field is greyed out. My research on this indicates it being hardcoded in the config file. I checked that and it wasn’t trying to hard code it resulted in the site not loading.

Would really appreciate some help.

More investigation is showing the images are being referenced using the public IP of the website rather than the domain… Not sure how to update them all.

Thank you for using our solution. That’s a specific question about the application so we suggest you ask in the official forums of the application to get more information about that. The app’s documentation should also describe how to achieve what you want to, so please take a look at it too.

However, we will also keep this ticket open in this forum in case any Bitnami user ran into the same issue recently.


Thanks for the response. Can you direct me to the official forums of the application or the relevant documentation? I’ve looked but I can’t find anything to help with my problem.

This is the support page of WordPress