ImageMagick convert and PDF Support unchecked redmine-4.2.3-3

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on my fresh installation is ImageMagick Support and PDF Support unchecked.
any Solution there is a Topic from 09.21 which same issue with oder Version.

Hi @Kochleffel,

Thanks for your interest. Due to the priorities and the capacity of the team, we do not plan to work on this feature in the near future. We suggest you check the Redmine’s official guide to know how to enable that functionality in the installation.

It seems also affected is the Preview of uploaded images, which should be working by default.

I had this issue on windows installation as well.

see file: “<bitnami_redmine_folder>\apps\redmine\htdocs\config\configuration.yml”

Default is:
imagemagick_convert_command: ‘<bitnami_redmine_folder>/imagemagick/convert.exe’

Correct is this, with “bin”:
imagemagick_convert_command: ‘<bitnami_redmine_folder>/imagemagick/bin/convert.exe’

After changing and restarting redmine thin services the thumbnails working for me.

Maybe you could change this in future releases, thanks.

One additional hint:
If you need embedded images in PDF files as well you have to enable GhostScript.
By default is the “gs_command” setting empty.

File: <bitnami_redmine_folder>\apps\redmine\htdocs\config\configuration.yml
Setting: gs_command: '<bitnami_root_folder>\common\bin\gs.exe'

works for me thank u!

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