I'm getting an error when I try to post a new topic

Type: Suggestion

I keep receiving a message that category cannot be blank but it is not, help!

Hi @myfavoritenoisemaker,

Users created new tickets recently and there was not any problem

Could you please let us know how you are trying to create that ticket?

I just created a new ticket to ensure everything is working fine

Please ensure you reload the page to load all the scripts and functions. You can use Control + R in your computer (or Command + R in MacOS) to fully reload the resources

I tried replying to the email trail of this but do not see it here on the site so, in case it was lost, I’ll re-post my message here…

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I ran into a few issues with the process for creating a topic. I will try to detail my experience here.

First, I’m on a Mac and I started in Firefox browser. When trying to start a topic, I got through the initial questions narrowing down the issue but when I clicked the button “No, those links were not useful” the modal went blank as in this screenshot, which I took this morning

So, I tried switching to Chrome browser and was able to get past that point. I got to the point where it had me run the diagnostic tool but I got an error after running the diagnostic that said it could not upload the results and I needed to manually upload and did not give me the number I needed to input to move forward with that topic creation.

So, I attempted to create a topic on the issues with the bitnami support tool, in order to ask how I get the zip file to you but then I kept getting the error “Could not create due to - Category cannot be blank” but the category was not blank as you can see in this screenshot -

I managed to get my site back up and running but had to hack it a little because the scripts to update the SSL cert was running into problems (I was getting an error about dangling symlinks), this makes me concerned that I will not be able to get the auto-renew working properly, so I would still like to generate a ticket and get some support.

Thank you for your attention to this issue,


Hi @myfavoritenoisemaker,

I can still see some references to “Bitnami Support Tool”. That’s because you are using the previous wizard code and that’s why you are getting errors. Please clean the browser’s history and access the site again. You can also perform a hard reload of the community site


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