Identify Parse Document Root in AWS

Keywords: Parse - AWS - How to - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
Straight out dumb question from a Noob Coder. I had an app idea so took the plunge into coding a few months ago. Learning and making several dumb mistakes. My question:

a) I setup an EC2 instance with Parse. The Android app I created seems to work fine- it uploads images into EC2 and I’m able to view those with records like username in the parse dashobard.
b) Next step for me is to move the images to AWS S3 from which I will do further processing

Question: Unable to identify the directory with the data (images that I can sync with S3). I believe it is called Document Root
Under Var/htdocs I did find index.html . tried to open it with ‘cat’ and got message ‘it works’.

As someone completely at sea with this problem ( as seen by the stupidity of my questions), I would request any guidance I can get.

I promise to return the favor by spending many more hours learning coding so that I ask fewer of these noob questions :slight_smile:

Hello @smartbose,

I’m not sure I understood your problem correctly. Have you configured your app to upload images to an external site? If the images are been uploaded to Parse, you would probably need to retrieve them through the app and upload them to the cloud storage of your choosing.

Francisco de Paz