I would like to delete my data

Type: Suggestion

I would like to delete my data. Please can somebody help?

Hi @inmywaytobefree,

Could you be more specific? Which data exactly?


Thanks for getting back. I would like to remove data but i dont want this conversation in public. Can we do it via dm or email?

For example. I dont want this conversation to be public eg this other users post.

Hi @inmywaytobefree,

If you do not want your tickets to be publicly available (please note that they may help other users running into the same issue), we can remove your tickets from this forum

Profile - inmywaytobefree - Bitnami Community

However, if you want to remove your bitnami.com account, you can do it by accessing your profile in bitnami.com, and we can also delete your profile here. Is that what you want?

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