I was able to connect to phpMyAdmin yesterday. Today, connection refused

Keywords: LAMP/MAMP/WAMP - Virtual Machines - Technical issue - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
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I have LAMP installed and working in VirtualBox on a Linux Mint computer here at home. I can access the server via the Bitnami console and Linux Terminal via SSH as well as the Google Chrome browser from the Linux Mint computer (Congratulations page). I can also access the server from my Windows 10 computer, also at home connected via a wired network, via PuTTY and via my Google Chrome browser. Yesterday I followed the instructions to access phpMyAdmin via PuTTY on the Windows computer setting up port forwarding as directed and I was able to access the phpMyAdmin login page and successfully logged into phpMyAdmin. Then I stopped the LAMP stack instance and cloned it and worked on the clone for a while. I stopped the clone and restarted the original LAMP stack. Now I can still access the server on both physical machines via the browsers, terminal, PuTTY and the Bitnami console, but when I open the saved SSH connection with the port forwarding in PuTTY on the Windows computer and then try to access using the browser on the Windows computer, I get “This site can’t be reached refused to connect.” I explored various support resources but with no success. I obtained a ticket number using the Bitnami support tool: 88714ac2-1c60-e574-87ca-c2b289697830. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

Hi @farmrchrys,

Could you try creating a new Putty connection instead of using the saved one?


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