I want to deploy mern stack. Only 1 virtual host is working

Keywords: MEAN - AWS - How to - Domain Name (DNS)
Here is my issue, i have a domain from go daddy(coderlogs). I have migrated the DNS from godaddy to AWS successfully and i am running the AWS lightsail MEAN instance.

i have mern setup where Express and react app are in separate folders

i want to have the following

  • node running on api.coderlogs
  • React running on coderlogs

to achieve the above i added the 4 files in vhosts folder of apache according to the docs

Hi @rugiguru,

Did you check the following guide for creating a custom nodejs app on the Bitnami MEAN stack:


It also explains how to create a custom virtual host.


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Thanks you for the reply, i configured the domain names and its working fine .

Now my question is i want to run my react application , i have webpack setup with react .
please can you give some reference ?

or do i have to do the same thing like i did for node application ?

Hi @rugiguru,

We have this guide for creating a non nodejs app for MEAN:



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