I need suggestions for my project

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Hi guys, I’m hugely grateful for all the help I get here. I have several questions about a project, I’m not able to find answers in internet surveys. I’m sure that here in this forum I will find people who can help me.

I’m on a benevolent project to deliver a Moodle server to a school in my city. There are 5,000 students in this school. I don’t know exactly how many students will be connected simultaneously, maybe 50%, or 2,500 students.

I have a small hosting and IT services company. I thought about using my own infrastructure to avoid spending on cloud hosting. Here I have power UPS, power generator and redundant internet connection links.

I’m going to mention to you the configurations of 3 computers that I have available to use in this project and I’m counting on friends’ evaluation to tell me which one is the most suitable.

I will also detail the history of my actions. I have a lot of doubts hehehe.

Server 01: Core i7 8700 + 32GB Ram + Network GB + 120GB SSD M2
Server 02: Core i5 7500 + 16GB Ram + Network GB + 120GB SSD Sata
Server 03: Pentium Gold G5400 + 16GB Ram + Network GB + 240GB SSD

I confess: I’m not able to install Moodle on a Linux distribution and operate it, I tried, but I couldn’t. My last job with linux server was in 2018 when I had the need to create a Linux server to host our GLPI (help desk call manager). Since then I haven’t used linux anymore. I initially set up Moodle on a server running Windows Server, but they didn’t recommend me, they told me that with Windows Server the performance won’t be enough.

So I found Bitnami’s solution. I found it perfect!! I enabled HyperV on my Windows Server, I believe the VM running on Bare Matel will be better, do you agree? I didn’t find possibilities on the internet to export this Bitnami VM directly to my server’s disk, I believe that it is only possible to use it as a VM. If it is possible to migrate this VM to the entire disk, I believe it will be better, because then the system will use all the hardware, do you agree?

Now I have the following questions:

  • I can’t access PhpMyAdmin in my browser. I saw many Bitnami FAQs teaching access via SSH, I even created the keys, but I’m not able to export them to access, I’m not that expert, the existing content on how to perform this procedure is not enough for me. I believe I will need FTP access to Moodle, to perform backups of Moodle and also to modify files that are needed to put it on the Internet. As it currently only works on my local network.

  • In the Moodle forum they recommended me to abandon the project in Bitnami and make a native one, they believe that I will have problems in the future with Moodle Bitnami, as it is heavily modified. I wanted your opinion, can I trust Moodle Bitnami? Do you think I can assign this project of 5,000 students to Moodle Bitnami?

  • My servers, do any of them have the capacity to meet this project? I have 2 fiber optic connections, a 300Mb download and 100Mb upload link and another 500Mb download and 60mb upload link. There is a balancing configuration in my Mikrotik, if a link goes down the other is activated instantly.

  • Bitnami’s Moodle version is 3.11. I installed Adaptable 3.10 theme, Moodle forum folks also said they would have problems with that. But I’m not sure, apparently everything is working correctly, I didn’t get any error messages.

I appreciate everyone’s help, please you are my last hope. Thanks!!

Hi @aroldobarroso33,

The following guide shows how to access phpMyAdmin for a Bitnami Moodle VM, can you check if it works?


The main benefit of Bitnami applications is that they always use the latest and most secure components and are easy to install and start using. It’s true that they are configured differently, but we do have an extensive and easy to follow documentation. We recommend updating the underlying components from time to time to keep them up to date and then migrate the data to the new instance. The following guide shows how this can be done:


I recommend asking in a dedicated Moodle forum as it’s application specific and you probably will get a better answer there.

If it’s working correctly I wouldn’t worry about it for now, I also guess that the theme will update to version 3.11 at one point. But I also recommend asking in a Moodle forum.