I have problem i can't access to my PhpMyAdmin panel

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Greetings,i have big problem since i made my site locally and i buy mine domain at Hostgator now i need to upload them the database ,but i can’r do that since i can’t acces to my PhpMyAdmin panel ,and i was try evrything to find out which is password but i didnt had success,can you explainm me what sould i do.Milovan

I did try evrything i found here and on internet to reset password,try to disable password use in mysql config.ncr.php file ,but unsuccessful so please can you give me a guide what should i do.

Hi @ribicmilovan9,

If you installed WordPress locally, you can easily access phpMyAdmin by accessing this URL in your browser

In order to access the application, you will need to use the following credentials

  • Username: root
  • Password: The same password you set during the installation process

Can you try to access phpMyAdmin now?

Happy to help!

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