I have no internet access from my instance

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I installed the graphical interface in my instance of aws (ubuntu) and the application was still working fine, from one moment to the next it stopped working, I checked the logs and I have nothing unusual, I entered from my graphical interface and tried to browse the Internet. I realized that I can not do it (which before if I download some software), for some reason and I do not have Internet access from my instance, I cannot access any site and for that reason when I want to enter my application from my IP it is no longer possible.

What happened?

Hi @danielascencio325,

Thank you using Bitnami. Did you take a look at this other community post where the team helped that guy to configure the domain name resolution?

it did not work for me, if I PING to however when entering bitnami.com I get the following error: connection timed out, no servers could be reached

I already managed to make if it works dig and it does it well, the problem I have is the same, as I mentioned install the ubuntu GUI, install Firefox and other applications and browse the internet from there normally, now I can’t anymore and that’s why same as I can not see my website when consulting it. Apparently I have no internet connection, check my VPC and everything is fine

Hi @danielascencio325,

If you can ping, it means that you have internet connectivity. What’s the content of your /etc/resolv.conf file?

nameserver, esa misma uso en otras instancias y me funciona bien.

I can ping and all the commands to test a website, except for lynx example: lynx www.google.com that command no longer works and before it worked fine

I can ping www.google.com and any website, but trying to access it with lynx is no longer possible

Hi @danielascencio325,

Can you take a look at this other issue?


You can also try to add the Google’s DNS in the resolv.conf file and see if that fixes the issue


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