I have followed the deployment instructions for django+bitnami+lightsail and I have not managed to deploy the site

Keywords: Django - AWS - Technical issue - Other
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I have first followed the steps on the bitnami guide bitnami guide and the sample app didnt deploy. Then i went on to the AWS lightsail instructions which had a few extra steps and tried to follow those.
They reference a file (/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf) that doesnt exist at all in my instance. I dont know if the reason why nothing is working has anything to do with it. This file is never mentioned in the bitnami guide.

I admit that I have 0 experience with apache and for me this is akin to walking in complete darkness.

I have already repeated the process from end-to-end twice. Putting several hours into this and trying to follow instructions and tweak those paths to the best of my ability but I am forced to give up. I am probably overlooking something obvious so I hope the community and/or the bitnami staff will help me see through this.

Much appreciated!

Hello @baccini.al,

The guide from AWS LightSail is not up-to-date. I followed our process without issues. Could you please let me know which step is not working for you? Does the command python3 manage.py runserver SERVER-IP:PORT work for you?