I get, You don't have permission to access this resource after changing Document Root

Keywords: General - Installers - Technical issue - Permissions

bnsupport ID: 2498aa28-e5da-7419-0de5-962d455d81e2

I have modified all occurrencies of the path;

“/opt/lampstack-7.4.25-0/apache2/htdocs” to

“/media/barnett/data/Enterprise/websites” in the file


in order to change the Document Root.

Now when I run http://localhost:81/ I get the message below in the browser;

“Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.”

What am I doing wrong in changing the Document Root. Please assist.


Hi @barnettmsiska,

Please ensure the daemon user and group can access the /media/barnett/data/Enterprise/websites directory. Please note that you do not only need to review the permissions of the websites folder but all the parent ones to ensure daemon can access them. You can test the permissions configuration by running this command

sudo su daemon -s /bin/bash -c "ls -la /media/barnett/data/Enterprise/websites"


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