I cannot or do not know how to connect to the parse dashboard

Keywords: Parse - AWS - How to - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)

pardon my bad wording as im very much a noob at this

i connected ssh with aws using putty
opened up config.json
got these info

“appId”: “myappID”,
“masterKey”: “**********”,
“appName”: “parse-server”,
“mountPath”: “/parse”,
“port”: “1337”,
“host”: “”,
“serverURL”: “”,
“databaseURI”: “mongodb://bn_parse:6EDVbWRuAnFo@”

how am i supposed to access the dashboard after that? please assist me

Hi @moalzoabi,

Thanks for using Bitnami. If you have just created the new instance, you should be able to visit the Parse dashboard by surfering to your server public IP address (that you can get from the AWS console) in your browser. After that, you can log into Parse using the credentials you can get as described in the next guide


Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated!

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