I am getting undesirable 302 Found and not sure why or how to fix it

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I have deployed my web app in 3 different places (localhost, https://wizwonk.com/users/accounts/login and on AWS LAMP Lightsail

The application works on all 3 deployments, however for 1 URL on AWS deployment, I am getting a 302 Found Redirect which does not happen on the other 2 deployments. I tried everything unsuccessfully. I have checked all rewrite rules on all .htaccess files but nothing jumps at me. They all look correct.

I am left with the belief that this is a server (apache) config issue having to do with modescurity. Any suggestion/help as to what might be causing this anomaly is greatly appreciated.

Resolved. Had to reconfigure some application files. Had nothing to do with Apache/modsecurity config as I initially thought

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