Https:// is secured but https// is not secured

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Hello, i discovered today that when i try to access my site via “” the ssl certificate is not available but when i access the site via “” the certificate is there.
What can i do? i want my site accessible with “www” to be secured.

Thanks for your time, i hope i am clear enough

Or, maybe force the redirection from to ?

Hello @florian2A,

The cause for this should be that the SSL certificate you have is only valid for You would need to generate an SSL adding both and as domains.

In this case, the redirecting wouldn’t solve the issue as the itself would still be insecure.

If you used our bncert-tool to generate the certificates you just need to rerun the tool and specify both domains.

Francisco de Paz

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Hello fdepaz, thanks a lot for your time and your answer.
I will do as you recommend.

Have a great day.


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