Httpd-prefix.conf not found? (installed from launchpad)

Keywords: Apache Guacamole - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
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In the documentation, the path stated for editing the httpd conf file is:
I’m assuming that it should be /opt/bitnami/apps/guacamole/conf/httpd-prefix.conf, however that path does not exist.

The directories under /opt/bitnami are as follows
apache, apache-tomcat, bncert-tool, guacamole, java, postgresql, scripts, tomcat
apache2, bncert, bnsupport, bnsupport-tool, gonit, guacamole-server, nami, stats, var

However, I can’t find the httpd-prefix.conf file anywhere. Everything else works, save for SSL since I can’t edit that particular file.

Any clue as to where I can find it and do the edits required?

Hi @boris.o.blosse,

could you tell us the documentation are you follow (the link would be useful)?
If you tell us what you want to do, I think we can help you better

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