HTTP 500 error propably corrupted my config file

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Long story short - was locked out from ssh access for sometime, and tried everything I could find. Somehow managed to wiggle back in, getting locked out once in the process but now with serial connection open can access if I enter via CMD Prompt at the same time - doesnt sound healthy but I will take it.

Anyway wanted to continue my set up -started working on these instructions ( and it concerns accessing the wordpress config file, I didnt remember how to use the nano editor and may have accidentally messed something up.

I changed the define site url part , both rows

Then experienced http500 and changed it back - but all is not well :frowning:

Searching for solution read about the trouble shooting tool - I used the tool

Would really appreciate help, advice.

Actually solved the issue, had forgotten some characters at the end of the wp-config file - everything is fine now

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