How Virtual Host For A Custom Application works?

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Hello everybody!

I need to create separate application subdomain like for (and, but attempts to do something like this after reading short HowTo together whith other forum answers on this topic failed. Obviously I still don’t understood how redirection works :frowning:

Can somedy point me, please, to clear article “How it Works” article, instead of “How to Do”? Google almost banned me, but I still haven’t found some :wink:

My environment: bitnami-lampstack-8.0.8-0-linux-debian-10-x86_64-nami just runned whith no modifications.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Hello @Rednaxel,

You can also check this guide on how to Create A Custom PHP Application for your LAMP instance. For a working vhost configuration, you can give a look at this forum thread:

Apart from that, if you want to learn how vhosts work, you can check Apache’s official documentation on them:

I hope this can clear any doubts on vhosts. If you are still having issues configuring them, please open a Technical Issue topic with a bnsupportID so we can work on the problem itself.

Francisco de Paz

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