How to use php7.4 instead of php 8 in wordpress-nginx?

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Some of my plugins are not yet compatible with php 8. How can I load bitnami wordpress-nginx that uses php7.4 instead of php 8? I’ve been using wordpress-nginx:latest, and can’t figure out a way to specify which version of php image to use.

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Hello just to clarify, I am using this:
Bitnami Docker Wordpress Nginx. It seems to auto install PHP 8

Hi @hubear,

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It seems this is missing functionality - compared to the official wordpress docker, which allows you to use specify both wordpress version and PHP version.

The work around I have for this is to locate the lastest tagged version of PHP 7.4 and to specify that particular version to build on docker. You can view all the versions here:

It seems that " 5.9.2-debian-10-r24" is the last known version to use PHP 7.4, before it forces everyone to run with PHP 8.

Once I loaded this image, I then update Wordpress to the latest version inside the wp-admin panel.

Hope this helps someone else out.

It would be great if bitnami also builds it in a way that you can specify which version of PHP more easily.

Many thanks!

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