How to use bitnami wordpress nginx with cloudflare argo tunnel

Keywords: WordPress + NGINX + SSL - AWS - How to - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)

Can anyone tell me how can I configure cloudflare argo tunnel with bitnami wordpress nginx. Please refer this guide

Hi @omnaidu42,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, Iā€™m not fully understanding your message. Can you give us more information on what you are trying to achieve?

@gongomgra please refer to cloudflare argo tunnel documentation. I want to configure cloudflare Argo tunnel with bitnami wordpress nginx

Hi @omnaidu42,

Thanks for your message. Checking the link you shared, it looks like you only need to run some steps on the server, but nothing related to Bitnami itself. Did you have any error following the steps in the guide? If so, we recommend you to open a new question in the official Cloudflare forums

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