How to upload .sql webmin bitnami

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I installed bitnami v7.1.33-0 with mysql 5.7) on Ubuntu 20.04x + webmin last version
I configured webmin (according to instructions at And it works fine, but how do I upload and run a .sql file by webmin with bitnami settings? (instead of phpmyadmin)?. Thanks in advance

that is, it does not exist: Webmin> Un-used Modules> MySQL Database Server> yourdatabase> Execute SQL> Run SQL from file

Hi @alejcbox,

thank you for using Bitnami. I can’t tell if Webmin supports that feature right now, you will need to check its documentation and forums to get more information about that. I found this website that might help

Please note that we do not provide help for Webmin, we just documented how to link the app with our services but we do not include it in our solutions. The app’s developers should provide more information about how to do so.


thanks a lot for your help

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