How To Upgrade My Php Version?

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I, am not able to find any way to update my php version 7.3 unless create a new instance on AWS. Please give me some “Sudo” commands to make it easy.

Hi @needforgaming946,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Due to the way base components are built to ensure they work properly together, the only way of updating those base components (Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc…) is launching a new instance and then migrating your application data. For this last step we have a guide than can be of help for you

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But what about WordPress Address (URL), we need to set up again? because when we launch new instance both “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” are grey out and can’t be editable, unless we didn’t edit “wp-config.php” file manually

Hi @needforgaming946,

I think I’m not fully understanding your question, can you elaborate it a bit? When you migrate the WordPress data from one instance to another, all the WordPress configuration is migrated as well, including the domain name configuration.

Thanks, now I am understand but how to change Administration Email Address in general setting

Hi @needforgaming946,

For the administration email address, I understand it will be updated with the migrated data if it was customized on your previous server. If not, I think you will need to configure the SMTP settings, and change the email address in the admin panel. Then, you should receive an email to confirm the email update.

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