How to upgrade Guacamole AWS stack to 1.3.0?

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I deployed the Guacamole AWS stack from the AWS marketplace back when 1.2.0 was the version offered. Now that 1.3.0 is available, how do I upgrade without spinning up a new EC2 instance and migrating?

Hi @scheb,

Unfortunately that’s not supported. Bitnami stacks are configured to work out of the box without having to go through the hassle of installing and configuring individual components and the application but that makes upgrading the application or components in the same machine a difficult process. Instead we recommend launching a new instance with the latest versions and migrating the data there.


Could you please specify what steps should be taken to complete the migration? Which files and directories should I transfer to the new guac (from 1.2 to 1.3) appliance for the new version to work?


Hi @gko and @scheb,

As @Ibone mentioned in this other post, you will need to follow the official documentation to migrate the data of your current deployment to the new one.

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Hi @jota
Thank you, it helped with the upgrade


Yes , Thank you .

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