How to updgrade python on my GCP Django instance?

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How can I upgrade Python 3.7.7 to the latest version? I understand it is not the “system” python.
it is installed in /opt/bitnami/python/bin/python3


Hello @stolken,

Upgrading the Python version in a running Bitnami instance is not an easy task, it requires to compile Python from the source code and all the components that it may require. The easiest way to upgrade the Python version is by migrating your project to a new Django stack that has the new version of Python. Nevertheless, your current Python version is relatively new and you shouldn’t encounter many instances where a newer one is required.

If you need to use a newer Python version, our latest Django releases ship with Python 3.9.5. Please check out our guides Create And Restore Application Backups and Create And Restore MySQL/MariaDB Backups to help you with the migration to the new stack.

Francisco de Paz

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