How to update EC2 instance with matomo AMI

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Hi all,

We are using matomo stack on EC2 instance. Unfortunatly every now and then we need to update some of the component like apache or openSLL, due security issues.

In most cases this is quite complicated and ineffective, since the image contains, custom packages. (Therfore apt-get upgrade is not a possibility, and internal update functionality seems have no effect on components (maybe its only for piwik or idk))…
Last time we decided to migrate to a new instance with new image but since our DB is getting bigger and bigger it took some time and also we had to fix many issues (mostly because of missing plugins and tables on new instance)

I would like to get some tips how to update components on an instance or maybe a smart way how to solve the update issues.

Are there any best practices how to update? Or some smart way how to migrate to a bit newer version (from 4.4.1 to higher)?


Hi @mathias89,

Regarding the infrastructure components update (Apache, MariaDB, OpenSSL,…) there is not a straightforward way to upgrade those components in a running instance. You need to launch new instances and migrate the data in those cases.

If you want to only upgrade the application, you should follow the app’s official documentation to perform this upgrade. The developers can also provide more information if required.


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