How to show in navigation domain instead ip

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I have a problem getting domain in url instead ip. I have tried everything to solve this with different virtualhost combination and redirect rules, but same result.


Hi @moisesaquino,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Can you give us more information about your issue? I was able to visit your Moodle website using the next URL

Hello @gongomgra

Basically I need 2 things to happen:

1 - Insted of seeing the ip and port on the navigator, I need to see only this subdomain

2 - And when going there, go directly to the login page instead course page. The login pages is in /moodle/login/

Hi @moisesaquino,

You will need to reinstall the stack on your server using sudo to gain enough privileges to use default ports (80 and 443). Then, migrate your application data and configure your domain name using the bnconfig tool with the --hostname option

sudo INSTALLDIR/apps/moodle/bnconfig --hostname

For the question regarding the login page as your website welcome page, you will need to ask in the application’s official forums, but we recommend you to have your website running on port 80 and configured to use your desired domain before modifying the application itself

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